Who Are We?

Digital Transformation Enterprise.

Eden Ascent facilitates Evergreen Digital Transformation through discovery, specialized knowledge and advisory services focused on Exponential Autonomous Technology-Enabled strategic innovative digital business & marketing solutions. Transforming businesses by developing superior 

informative & digital products, services, automation, and digital experiences.


The Digital Revolution is upon us, are you ready?

About Us

Welcome to Eden

Digital Transformation requires a new breed of "agency", Digital has completely upended the traditional marketing and advertising world, fundamentally changing the industry as we know it. It’s less about campaign-building and more about the convergence of marketing, knowledge, education, and technology to guide digital transformation within an abundant future.


We empower entrepreneurs and small business owners to launch, grow and ascend their businesses within the digital realm. 

Your Digital Transformation, Marketing, and Online Business Automation Made Easy!

  • Enhancing customer experiences, Our team includes experts with a diverse skill-set. This means we can deal with all your digital marketing requirements, and all our products and services are developed from a holistic, multidisciplinary perspective with a core focus on automation.

  • Specialized knowledge, providing information and education products for our members through content, masterminds, workshops and virtual group training sessions. Let us assist you in starting a new web-based business and scale up your business online. 

  • Digital Transmedia Storytelling, Storytelling which engages your customers, creates memories and exciting stories which lead to exciting content.


Our Vision Statement

Unleash Heaven on Earth  - Exponential Technology-Enabled Abundance for our valued clients, members, and humanity!


Create fully automatic plug-and-play solutions generating passive income streams that automatically connects supply & demand and ascent members to a life free from financial concerns and burdens by empowering them with Evergreen Digital Transformationspecialized knowledge & digital products and exponential automated technologies.


Many streams will form a big river thereby empowering humanity and transforming lives through Kingdom building all for the glory of our Almighty loving God - Yeshua.


Our Mission Statement

To help humanity thrive by enabling our members with evergreen autonomous business solutions to enrich people's lives and to help people live a limitless life making the impossible possible.


To create a knowledge-based results-centered virtual community enterprise of like-minded entrepreneurs, freedom seekers and business enthusiasts who delight in streams abound, where once divided now reunited seamlessly interconnected to provide and deliver shared returns.


Ultimately the question is; How do we create passive financial abundance for 1 Billion humans, by leveraging autonomous exponential technologies to solve grand global humanitarian challenges?


Why do we do what we do?

Empowering humanity with evergreen digital income generating revenue streams, thereby creating financial freedom and time for the things which matter most; 


Unleashing the golden age of autonomous assets producing unlimited wealth for those who believe and dream of prosperous tomorrows. 

Why use Eden Ascent?

Eden Ascent offers the most Comprehensive Evergreen Digital Transformation, Web-based Business and Digital Marketing & Automation Solutions for building or moving your business online. Packed with every feature you could need to receive qualified leads straight to your inbox and ascent your business online! Our integrated solutions offer automated features meaning more freedom for you to do the things you love most, while we manage your Digital Business for you and keep you posted on a weekly/monthly basis. Affordable digital and information products, services, packages & digital business account management monthly subscription plan options!

All-in-one Digital Transformation.

Our team includes experts with a diverse skillset.

This means we can deal with all your Digital Transformation, Online Marketing, and autonomous requirements, and all our information & specialized digital products and services are developed from a holistic, profit-maximizing multidisciplinary perspective. 

Experienced Digital online marketers.

Eden Ascent boasts over 15 years of combined Digital Transformation and Online Marketing experience. We’ve evolved along with the digital world and have been involved since the beginning. Our core team of international collaborators boasts over 50 years of cumulative experience in running successful Digital Marketing campaigns.

Innovation & evolution and ascension.

There is no doubt that digital marketing is a constantly shifting landscape, with each year bringing new trends, approaches, and technologies.Here at Eden Ascent we are constantly monitoring our industry for important developments and leveraging the opportunities these provide for us and our valued clients. 

Performance-based marketing partnerships.

We never lock our clients into long-term contracts; one month’s notice is all that’s required to terminate your business account or Digital Marketing campaign. Instead, we base our digital business & marketing partnerships on results and transparency. We prefer to 

have our results lock our clients into an ongoing partnership.

We have a dream.

For those who believe

Eden Ascent is the genesis of a new dawn in how we conduct business brought forth spontaneously, transcending traditional labor and outdated systems of commerce ascending to a life free from financial concerns, a collaborative perpetual feast without a taint of evil, where all things good are in profuse abundance. 


An extensive tract of pleasure domain somewhat described as a garden bearing many fruits for the ones who are launching a new business, growing or managing an established enterprise. It's a rich and fertile space where members connect, share, collaborate and learn in the presence of industry leaders and competent authorities contributing strategies, resources and tools needed to ascend member businesses to new heights. 


A river consequence promising evergreen autonomous business solutions which instinctively connects the dots for members, so they have more time and financial provision for the things that matter most in life.

    We Believe.

    It's time to re-imagining work

    We believe in a world where there is still room for shared success, and that for the first time in human history technology enables us as creators to collaborate and produce abundance not just for ourselves and the ones we love but also for our fellow human beings.


    Where the goal is not purely money-driven but more about creating solutions to some of humanity's most significant challenges, creating idea viruses that spread like wildfire and sharing noteworthy Eden-like experiences that resonate at the core of the individuals we connect and serve with and that what we do here will one day echo in eternity. 


    We believe in supporting, empowering and building communities of like-minded individuals who share our beliefs, passions and that we can live anywhere, work and earn everywhere all within the presence of God!

    OUR  STORY  

    It all began one day whilst sitting around a boardroom table in a meeting with one of our corporate clients, still employed at the time by a multinational corporation and international award-winning agency, the same issues with our clients kept turning up time and time again...


    Our hearts wept for our clients as they shared their story about loss, lies and how they were forced to spend their last savings on strategies & tactics they knew would not bring them the much-needed returns they so desperately needed. How traditional agencies overcharged them and up-sold them on tactics that they knew they did not need. Not to mention the fact that these proposed "solutions" would not directly influence the bottom line and give them exactly what we all understood they truly needed which simply was leads, sales and ultimately more money to care for the things which meant most to them and the ones they loved.


    This was the very moment, we decided that this would be our purpose our calling of sorts, to help clients like them find real resolutions that would bring financial abundance through technology-enabled plug-and-play autonomous business solutions. This realization ignited a burning question, one which from that moment consumed our daily lives and penetrated deep within our hearts...It has been the driving force behind our "why" our reason behind the madness. 


    The question is this; How can we leverage technology and automatically connect the supply and demand for our members and create passive financial abundance thereby provide them with a solution which would solve not just their digital marketing & business challenges but more importantly their financial concerns and would we be able to easily duplicate this solution and share it with the masses?

    Meet our founding members.

    Our Eden Ascent Founders, led by our directors Andre Mostert & Linda Gladstone, are located in South Africa, and they are dedicated to providing the best Digital Transformation and Online Marketing experience for entrepreneurs and startups everywhere!


    Andre Mostert.

    Andre believes in magic and has a "nothing is impossible" life mantra with a responsibility to "Awe" by advancing the magnificence of life, creating magnetic work and empowering human excellence with the single-minded aim of enabling one billion people with the means to create financial freedom & abundance. He is resolute on fineness, crafting noteworthy human experiences and producing virus worth ideas by leveraging technology-enabled Transmedia influential storytelling and Digital Transformation.


    Focused on social change, creating a lasting impression among consumers, digital technology-enabled product development, automatic sales, market share and return on investment. Ultimately answerable for; Business operations & management, Integrated Brand Communication, Technology (Systems & Processes) and automation which drive ROI & Results both for ourselves and our valued members.


    Linda Gladstone.

    A passionate leader and dynamic take-charge agent, with first-class communication skills offering striking success propelling entrepreneurial startups. An inspiring human-centric, social change advocate and motivational client caregiver with first-rate interpersonal skills and the ability and passion to develop and nurture long-term mutually profitable relationships. She can push performance improvement whilst at the same time delivering client excellence and growth. Possessing vast managing directorship and will always ensure that clear objectives and expectations are delivered and maintained. A wordsmith and lover of words that sell, with the ability to overcome complex, business challenges and make high-stake decisions using experience-backed judgment, strong work ethic, and irreproachable integrity.  Respected as an enthusiast of human empowerment and accountable for elevating human life experiences and delivering systems of positive change.


    Our Experience

    With over twenty years' shared experience, we've been privileged to work with some of the worlds leading Digital & Advertising Agencies including; Tribal DDB, Saatchi & Saatchi, Synergize Online, Glasshouse Multimedia and more. We've prepared integrated holistic digital award-winning strategies, client proposals, reports, and presentations which bedazzled the likes of big multinational organizations like; The Shoprite Group, Mr. Price, RE/MAX, Hi-Fi Corp, Travelport and so much more.

    Unified through digital, with expertise that spans across all aspects of technology-enabled Digital Transformation, Online Marketing, and Transmedia Storytelling. Our people have been brought together through our shared passion for propelling digital forward by placing digital & human excellence at the heart of everything we do. Our combined backgrounds from corporate, business and agency have proven to be a winning blend that fuels our success.


    We operate a unique blend of technical, analytical and creative people. We hire, outsource and collaborate with scientists & artists, and together this mix of left and right brain thinkers and doers ensures that not only do we deliver beautiful aesthetically pleasing work, but in everything we do, we have the data, science, and facts to support every action we take and every recommendation that we make.


    We believe in mastery and empower our team with skills, training, practical experience and certifications to assist them in advancing their skill set. As a performance-based consultancy and learning company, our team is guaranteed to get the best training from the most advanced and best SEO, Social Media, Digital Marketing specialists in the world. 


    We have relevant brand, business, and facilities management qualifications, this includes; Certificate & diploma courses completed with some of South Africa's most prestigious computer, advertising, marketing, and business & administration institutions, including; Prestige College, AAA School of Advertising, Vega School of Brand Communication and Damelin.

      We would love to

      hear from you.

      Please feel free to get in touch using one of our contact forms or you are welcome to call us. We'd love to hear your thoughts and answer any questions you may have!​

      Andre Mostert

      Co-Founder & Managing Director

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